What We Do

We build rich web solutions
to help you reach out the maximum.


We at 7halo believe in strategic spread before execution, therefore strategy is an integral part of our system. We apply strategic plans to all stages of development and decision such as managing the information architecture of the system, keeping clear the information flow so that user experience is as streamlined as possible.

Taxonomy structure and keeping transparency with our clients for easy consultation and consideration of their requirements on periodic basis is important to us. We make sure that our clients are confident with the product we deliver, from start to finish.


Creativity to us is being able to see the product in different light and forms. We ensure full proof understanding of the product's environment and its behaviour with it, so that the stimulus it provides is affective. Our creative designers ensure the beauty and simplicity the client wants to portray in the product retains and reflects as per requirement.

We work throughout the process to identify a design direction that will best showcase the brand in a functional, engaging way while giving it a modern artistic edge. We also focus on inter platform design viewing and visualization so that everything is effective and accessible.


We use modern tools and practices to deliver solutions that stand out not only by how they look but also how they are made. Our developers make sure that the code looks beautiful and does what it is supposed to do in the most effective manner.

Performance, simplicity and future flexibility are the key components of our development process. Our team loves and supports open source technologies, with high proficiency in PHP, Python and Nodejs.

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