Our Work


  • Information Architecture
  • Product Design
  • Responsive UI Development
  • Backend Development
  • Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization

Thinkplaces is a peer to peer platform that aims to solve a very unique problem that exists for travelers today. With no dearth of information on the web about the infinite travel destinations around the world, the future lies in making this information as precise and actionable as possible.

The platform was designed and developed to solve the problem with easy access to travel experts and planning one’s travel stay and journey. The product was developed and designed to be search engine optimized and help travellers stay connected with popular travel bloggers and get insights. Responsive backend development including integration of analytics was done to provide high quality viewing and usage. Our design concepts highlighted many unique features, including the ability to track number of sessions, session length, expert profiles and session scheduling. Given the range of features, ensuring the product would perform on all devices was crucial.